Welcome to the Partners for Europe!

We, the Partners for Europe, are a network of autonomous and independent organizations with each of us pursuing its statutory goals and, at the same time, all of us feeling obliged to the idea of Europe as a peacemaking force within a democratic and federative basic order. Furthermore, we meet the challenge of sustainable development and of the improvement of civil society’s situation. We want to put Arno Krause’s visions and goals into practice and, with that in mind, continue and develop his work.

Our mission
We address civil society and each citizen ready to make an individual contribution to Europe and sustainable development.

Our activities are in the fields of education, science and research and culture.

  1. We foster the citizens’ European awareness beyond any nation-state mentality with regard to all fields of their private, social and professional lives.
  2. We foster the Franco-German and European competences in the Saarland region.
  3. We foster the development of the Greater Region SaarLorLux towards a European model region.
  4. We foster the global understanding of the European integration as a model of peaceful coexistence of peoples and nation-states.
  5. We foster public awareness of the need for sustainable development and the responsibility of civil society and every single person for life on Earth.
  6. We are committed to our common cultural heritage in Europe and to giving Europe a soul through art and culture.

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