Welcome to the Partners for Europe!

In 2007, the foundations ASKO EUROPA-STIFTUNG (Saarbrücken), the foundation Stiftung Europrofession, Saarbrücken (now liquidated and merged with the ASKO EUROPA-STIFTUNG), Stiftung europäische Kultur und Bildung (SEKB, formerly FORUM EUROPA e.V., both Saarbrücken), Stiftung Forum EUROPA Luxemburg, and Stiftung Forum für Verantwortung (Seeheim) as well as the European Academy of Otzenhausen gGmbH (Otzenhausen) joined together to form the network Partners for Europe.



European Academy of Otzenhausen

The Partners for Europe share the idea of a citizens' Europe on a federative basis.
The fields of activity of the Partners for Europe range from education, science and research, culture and politics to the economy.

While maintaining the autonomy and independence of the individual organizations, the Partners for Europe jointly implement selected projects and events on the premise that the best possible results are achieved in a spirit of cooperation.

The European Academy of Otzenhausen is jointly supported by five of the Partners for Europe member organizations.

Their common objective is to foster

  1. the European awareness of citizens beyond any nation-state mentality with regard to all fields of their private, social and professional lives.
  2. the Franco-German and European competences in the Saarland region.
  3. the further development of the Greater Region SaarLorLux towards a European model region.
  4. the global understanding of the European integration process as a model of peaceful coexistence of peoples and nation-states.
  5. the awareness of the need for sustainable development and the responsibility of civil society and every single person for life on Earth.






Head Office Saarbrücken